11 Inspirational Quotes of Mike Tyson


I love to hit people. I love to. – Mike Tyson

I’m just happy I’m not phony. – Mike Tyson

I’m going to gut you like a fish. – Mike Tyson

I think I’ll take a bath in his blood. – Mike Tyson

I just want to be humble at all times. – Mike Tyson

I’m a historian, and that freaks me out. – Mike Tyson

I’m a nut case, but that is what I believe. – Mike Tyson

I’ve lived places these guys can’t defecate in. – Mike Tyson

I just want to conquer people and their souls. – Mike Tyson

I’ll go back and take what the people owe me. – Mike Tyson

Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson

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