Get Medical Advice from an Artificial Intelligence. – Dr. Rohit Sharma


Dr. Rohit Sharma
ZINI-The HealthCare AI
Gurgaon, Haryana

Get medical advice from an AI backed virtual physician. This is what the founders of ‘ZINI’ the healthcare AI have been saying.

ZINI is a medical chatbot invented by a team of visionary founders at GRAINPAD (the parent company).  ZINI can automate the medical history taking process i.e patient interview which is the 1st step in patient management and helps the doctor figure out what exactly is the cause of a patient’s symptoms and take subsequent actions.

Given an initial complaint, say “i am having a mild fever n stomach ache from last 3 days”, she will start a thorough interview asking all the relevant questions and trying to figure out what exactly may be the cause of these symptoms and guide patients in the right direction based on their symptoms and other complaints.

She can run a complete diagnostic interview on her own using AI and machine learning techniques. After completing the whole interview she guides patients on things like
a) Possible causes of their symptoms (differential diagnosis)
b) Which specialist is best suited for their symptoms (e.g endocrinologist or Gastroenterologist)
c) How soon should they see a specialist (e.g urgently vs can be managed at home) and finally
d) which investigations may be needed to confirm their Diagnosis and ensure further treatment.
She also shows a list of nearby clinics, hospitals and labs after this. The App now also shows options to directly connect with doctors via Telemedicine facility.

The CEO Dr. Rohit Sharma got the idea for ZINI when he realised that a massive number of people are still not able to access genuine, expert and legit Medical advice when needed. This wasted a lot of time and leads to further deterioration of the patients condition in many cases. Many a times serious emergencies like Angina and heart attack are ignored by patients as minor gastric Acidity until its too late. Stroke patients waste a lot of time before getting to the neurosurgeon in time, until nothing more can be done. In some other cases minor ailments can be managed at home while people go to OPDs increasing delay for other more serious patients. In all these daily observations during his practice Dr. Sharma decided to use cutting technologies and solve these problems for people make sure proper and legit medical advice was available for all when needed. ZINI’s aim is to make expert medical advice accessible to all anytime anywhere.

Conversational agents like SIRI, ALEXA and Google Assistant are becoming more and more common with time. ‘The future belongs to Voice’ said Dr Sharma. He said we will see a behavior change with more and more people wanting to talk to virtual assistants and rely on them for all trivial tasks rather than learning to use 20 different apps. ‘A virtual agent like ZINI can listen to patient symptoms, give them preliminary guidance, remind them of medications, ping them on variations in their sugar or BP profile, answer common health related queries or book appointments for them.  These will act like a complete health assistant and guide to the common man. In future as data and technology grows minor primary healthcare needs , even prescriptions can 1 day be managed by these Bots in his opinion.

Current doctor patient ratio in the country is ~ 1:11,000 vs the needed 1:1000 as per WHO. In addition, still people are misled in many parts by unlicensed quakes. Furthermore, adding 1 new human doctor to the workforce requires a minimum of 10+ years of time and >300,000 USD ( or > 2 Crore INR) worth of money along with constant retraining and infrastructure upgrades. Using a Medical chatbot  that is trained using legit medical data can not only bridge the gap between the demand and supply of Medical guidance but also reduce this time and monetary cost massively.

In coming months team ZINI is focussing on making the services available in regional languages and direct voice based systems like Alexa and SIRI in addition to enhancing their diagnostic and suggestive accuracy. They are also working on training ZINI on cognitive behavioral therapy that is a method of providing emotional and psychological support and counseling to patients when needed. All this and much more are in the pipeline of this company’s long term vision to use futuristic technologies for the betterment of the planet and take humanity to the Next Level.

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