The vision of Samarpan Foundation is to build communities in rural India and bring learning joy to underprivileged children. – Prakash Choudhary


Prakash Choudhary
Founder at Samarpan Foundation
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Samarpan Foundation is a national non-profit and Indian public charity trust, which engages in social services and human welfare activities. It has been established by Shri Prakash Chaudhary, who laid the foundation of this institution on 19 January 2017, to enhance the dignity and wellbeing of socially and economically weaker people.

The mission of Samarpan is to develop innovative, sustainable and reusable rural community-based models of self-learning that exploit the child’s natural curiosity and ability to explore, discover and learn, supported by guides, rather than teachers. These models will be the catalyst for bringing last mile connectivity to the transformation of aided rural schools in partnership with government and private institutions with the ultimate objective of reaching undernourished children across the country.

The vision of Samarpan is to build communities in rural India and bring learning joy to underprivileged children. This will enable children to realize their full potential to become independent and socially responsible citizens, who can hold their own on a global scale, without touching their community roots.

The Foundation’s 9 programs have led to a transformative change in the areas of operation of the lives of disadvantaged communities. SAKSHAM (Women Empowerment and Youth Employment Program), CSD (Centre for Skill Development), E-Learning (Digital Classroom), SunheraBachpan (Khel Khel Mein), CLC (Counselling and Learning Centre), E-Gram Panchayat (Connecting India) Programs such as digitally), DI-CLICK (Digital India-Computer Literacy and Technology Program), and Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana have made significant impact and continue to expand their social coverage in areas where it is most needed .

Prakash Choudhary (Samarpan Foundation)

It has a youth skills development platform known as the Youth Club of India which provides various opportunities to the youth to develop their skills and give their voice a right direction. The main objective of this forum is to encourage our youth by sharing their thoughts and ideas to bring change in the society and by giving them an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and motivate and encourage them to fulfill their goals. To do.

There are also some projects of Samarapan which work for the welfare of the people like Women Entrepreneurship Program (SAKSHAM), Center for Skill Development Program, e-learning, Sunhera Bachchan. It also lays emphasis on building schools and helping poor children. There are many issues which are going through the Indian education system and the major is the poor rural education scenario. Our foundation is keenly working to progressively build schools in rural areas to improve such conditions. Its main goal is to help people for their welfare.

For the past 3 years, the journey of this establishment has been something like this: Being an institution new, it initially faced many difficulties. Being a self-funded organization, there was a shortage in resources. Due to lack of resources it was not able to reach the targeted people. Contacting people in rural areas was difficult as there is a lack of education. The hard work of the Foundation was not getting enough results. But as time went on, the hard work of the institute started paying off. The foundation is mainly focused on promoting e-learning so that people from rural areas can also use this education without any additional resources. More and more people were trained for skill development through e-learning. People started taking interest in the event and participated as volunteers. Volunteers started spreading awareness throughout rural areas which helped people more often.

Prakash Choudhary (Samarpan Foundation)

Today, this foundation has made more than 100 women self-dependent under the SAKSHAM program, more than 2500 youth have been trained under the Youth Life-Skills Development Program, we have more than 200 children under the RTE Admitted to schools for free education. It also cured people’s depression due to the Corona epidemic and motivated them for their future goals.

By 2021, the Foundation aims to make 200+ women self-reliant by giving them technical training, training 10,000+ youth for skill development, government schemes, education, health and financial awareness to the rural community by linking 150+ gram panchayats with digital platforms Providing for digital platform.

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