Sanjay Jangid has made a bridge between Industry and Academia to solve the real world problem.


Sanjay Jangid
Co-Founder at Open Innovations Lab
Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Sanjay Jangid is a Co-founder at Open Innovations Lab, Jodhpur. He started OI Lab in 2016 for Academia and Industry to solve the existing real industry problems. He did his Engineering in C.Sc. from JIET College, Jodhpur. He got a job in Syntel from campus placement. He worked at Syntel for 4.5 years. He worked with major clients like AMEX and Moody’s at Syntel.

During his college journey, he wanted to work on a real time project for internship. But it was a problem in tier 2-3 cities. Same problem he realized in his corporate job. He saw everyone has to do some training part before start a job in Industry. Here he noticed, company had a problem that they had a lot of bench strength but clients do not connect them directly. Students want to do work on real world problem in their Internship.

Here he got a point that a problem exists in academia and industry both.  He thought that Industry had a lot of problem statement and academia had lot of fresh resources to solve it. He took it as a major problem and wanted to solve it. He left his job in 2016 as a H1 US Visa Holder and started Open Innovations Lab to solve this problem. It is a virtual platform for academia and industry.

Academia does not have there own innovation management platform to cater problem statement and tools. OI Lab gives an online platform to academia with Plug and Play Service. OI Lab invites industry to give their real business problem on platform. Industry person uploads problem statement on virtual platform. Academia gets real world problem from this way.

Sanjay Jangid

Open Innovations Lab is a virtual platform to connect academia and industry. He believes that it suits for the current era of the innovation. He believes every failure is a learning process. Currently he is working on multiple projects with unique idea.

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