Tell your Story with your heart is what makes an individual or organization successful. – Neha Chawla


Neha Chawla
Founder- NGOStory
Marketing Strategist, Published author
President, Anti Domestic Abuse Council, State Karnataka- WICCI
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

An MBA (HR) from Amity Business School and a Delhi University Graduate (BA in Eng + Economics)

Q2. What did you attracts towards Stories, Blogs, and Poetry?

My passion for writing started when I was in Convent school. We were given the opportunity to inculcate habits of writing and expressing oneself through Extempore and Public speaking. I remember maintaining a diary in which every Emotion and Learning of the day was encapsulated.

This paved the way for writing stories, blogs for varied women oriented platforms and getting my books published.

Writing has been instrumental in shaping my thoughts and the confidence to acknowledge inner potential.

A brief about my two books ~

“Thoughts have Wings to touch the Sky” – A book of English Poems

“Someone Needs Me ~ Making Peace with Motherhood”

Neha Chawla

Q3. What kind of hurdles did you face in your journey?

I grew up in the small city of Jamshedpur. I was fascinated by my aunt who used to run her own NGO & her efforts of going to a far off village and teaching adolescent girls and women & thus, i witnessed the plight of those who do not have access to basic resources like education & healthcare.

The 1st hand experience of witnessing the hardships of the underprivileged stayed with me & shaped my life. I excelled in academics, having done my graduation from Delhi University. After pursuing my MBA from Amity University, i landed a great job at an IT company where i contributed in various areas of Communications & HR Management.

My personal life also blossomed as i got married and moved to the United States with my husband. But my life took a turn when i faced postpartum depression as a new mother in a foreign country.

I always had a knack for writing & when depression hit hard, i dug out my old journals & started expressing my struggles through the written words. I worked towards strengthening my own mental health & described my own journey as a mother. I even authored 2 books dealing with the joys & pains of motherhood.

I also started writing & blogging for various women oriented platforms like Women’s Web, She The People, Times of Amma, etc. & conducted weekend workshops with various NGOs working towards gender sensitization, gender equality & promoting mental health. I became a social influencer, all the while holding down a full-time corporate job & being a mom !

When the coronavirus crisis hit the world, I was stuck in my hometown of Jamshedpur. While the entire world was cribbing about being stuck in the comfort of their own homes, millions of migrant workers & domestic servants were stuck in far off cities with no wages or means to go back home.

I came across the condition of these workers & collaborated with an NGO to help domestic help in the lockdown. I discovered that the NGO themselves were in dire need of help. The poor conditions of NGOs in this pandemic, pained me who then decided to help.

NGOStory is a media platform helping NGOs share their stories and fundraising challenges thereby reaching out to a wider audience. There are many small NGOs who have been in dire need to make themselves heard not just during the pandemic but also in general. NGOStory will also work in collaboration with these NGOs empowering them with digital marketing tools and helping them scale their work.

NGOStory has been able to feature 20 NGOStories so far. We have an active network of more than 100+ NGOs and aspiring to touch a 1000+ network before the end of 2023.

There are many interesting collaborations coming up with Non profit organizations.

I am also the Karnataka State President for the Anti Domestic Abuse Council in WICCI.

Apart from Strengthening NGOStory as a platform, I currently works for an Ed tech company as their Marketing Lead. As a Brand Strategist, i believe in empowering brands through Strategic Marketing.

“There are always three responsive sides of an individual.

  1. Personal- What is one doing for oneself?
  2. Professional- How is one contributing to the organization
  3. Society- What is one doing for the community

Life has been full of trials and tribulations. There will be many who will stop you, demotivate or look down upon your journey. Surmount all and see your inner potential. You are much more than this.

Neha Chawla

Q4. You are a Founder of NGO Story. What did attract you to start NGO Story?

Have described the journey above.

Q5. What is the Perfect Story according to you as a Creative Thinker?

A Perfect Story is what you live whole-heartedly.

There are no regrets, no going back..

You just embrace your story 

Q6. You are an Author and Blogger too. What are the key elements you give more importance while writing any Blog?

My life has been a tale of motivational analogy and discovering yourself. I generally write motivational and inspirational blogs. My Genre of writing is poetic.

Rhymical poetry leaving you with a sense of optimism and zeal. Citing an example below from my book (Thoughts Have Wings to Touch the Sky)

My wings can fly

In the darkness of thought
The inner battles I fought
The world has emerged from incessant crisis
My deep thoughts are in need of a metamorphosis
I can soar high in the sky
With elegance and brightness like a butterfly
I now realize my thoughts have wings
I can turn this darkness
in beautiful mornings

Neha Chawla

Q7. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Have shared my journey above

Q8. How can make any Brand successful? What are the key elements required most?

Tell your Story with your heart is what makes an individual or organization successful. The Art of Individual or Business Storytelling.

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