RN Art Foundation started with a vision to provide low-cost education solution for children living in slums and villages across India. – Rouble Nagi


Rouble Nagi
Founder at RN Art Foundation
Rouble Nagi Design Studio
Misaal Mumbai – Social Activist
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us?

It’s all about doing what we are passionate about, art for me is a medium of expression. I have always been passionate about my work and it was my dream as a child to see myself as an artist and a change maker. All your dreams are achievable only if we pursue them with dogged determination. I have been working in the field of Art for almost two decades now, I learn every day and always keep myself open to new ideas. For me it’s not been a walk in the park, my struggles have taught me far more than my triumphs. I still nostalgically reminiscence those days.

I have grown up in a military family, father was a Colonel in the Indian Army, a hardcore infantryman. I grew up with two elder brothers, the foundation of who I am today is a reflection of my childhood. The military teaches you many things especially unity, we are all one and have a common goal towards humanity. Overcoming every situation and obstacle was an adventure, we learn from our mistake and move on. During the implementation of all the social programs that we have, I have encountered numerous issues not once has this stopped us from moving forward, as they say in the army, Bash on regardless. 

My social initiatives have been always about serving the communities in the slums and villages of India. Connecting to people through art is a simpler way to bring down barriers and start a dialog with people. Misaal India was the first Slum- Village transformation project in the country via art. We have impacted over a million people so far, and this is just the start of the journey. Every person has to carve his own destiny through hard work and intelligence

Q2. What did attract you to become Mural Artist?

Art is not only about painting a canvas, there are different forms of art like sculptures, murals, installations etc. I have always preferred abstract art, and murals became my specialty as I connected to it. My art is an extension of my personality, for me, art is boundaryless and borderless. I should be able to touch and feel my creation. 

My Art studio is less like an artist’s studio and more like a science laboratory, I have always played and experimented with different mediums/materials. I work in 33 different mediums Metal, Glass, Ceramic, FRP and many more. 

Q3. What was your motive to start RN Art Foundation?

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation was started around 2010 but my work as a social worker began around 2004-5 with Pratham NGO, where I conducted art courses for children studying in their Balwadi’s. RNAF started latter with a vision to provide low-cost education solution for children living in slums and villages across India. I want to see my country with a 100% literacy rate and employment. 

Rouble Nagi

Q4. What kind of hurdles did you face in your journey?

Problems are always a part of any journey, convincing parents to educate the girl child was one of them. Starting art balwadi’s to address the issue was a success along with other programs. I realize that we must understand the problem thoroughly in order to come up with a solution. In villages we used tractor motor to generate power for our classrooms at times; it was one of our volunteers who came up with such a solution. In slums we faced political backlash towards our work, however, we overcame this due to the support from the locals and residents. 

Q5. Who is your source of motivation?

The principles you have in life are the pillars our foundation stands on. Determination – Diligence – Unwavering Focus and Courage have helped me scale the pinnacle of my work. I truly believe your motivation should come from your failures and rejection as you will always want to overcome it, when you harbour a dream you must also immerse yourself completely into fulfilling it. 

Rouble Nagi

Q6. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

Change is the only constant in life and it will happen whether you like it or not. Intentionally I wouldn’t want to change myself, but as time goes by we are all bound to feel and react differently to a situation. 

Q7. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Just before my grandmother passed away we had a conversation which left an impression on me. She told me she wasn’t afraid of dying just sad that she couldn’t do so many things that she wanted to. Life is over in an instant, so thinking of doing something you are passionate about shouldn’t be put on a back burner. Prioritizing your passion is most important. 

Q8. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

Mostly I like the fact that I can work non stop like a mule, my convictions are my power to surge ahead never developing a complex based on “what others say” or “what others think”. We are all unique in our own way, never attempt to be someone else it will lead to a ludicrous outcome. Be you and Be original!

Q9. What do you want to achieve in your life?

You will leave nothing behind in life; it’s only the work you have done that will talk about you after you have gone. My positive impact on a person life will be my testament; we have a long journey ahead to create a positive change and difference in people’s lives. 

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