Vinod Kumar Chaudhary has made multiple Guinness World Records with only Keyboard.

vinod chaudhary

Vinod Kumar Chaudhary

Guinness World Record Holder (Keyboard Typing)
Delhi, India

A man has made multiple Guinness World Records with only Keyboard. Isn’t it strange?

Yes, Vinod Kumar Chaudhary from Delhi has made it with only Keyboard. He has a great speed on Keyboard and achieved many records with his great skill.

Keyboard typing is a skill which is very popular in the world right now. Keyboard is not only a device but it is boon for disable peoples to communicate. People have made a name in the Guinness World Records by using the keyboard from all over the world.

Vinod has gained popularity in the world for his unique keyboard typing skills. He has got nine Guinness World Records and one India Book Record. Vinod’s fast keyboard typing skills really make viewer’s astonish. He is a person who can type on keyboard with the finger and nose too. Now he is creating a new record title – Most tennis ball touching in hand in one minute.

These following are list of records by Vinod:

2014- First record to type with his nose – 46.30 seconds

2016- Fastest type with one hand –  06.09 seconds

2016- Fastest type blindfold –  06.71 seconds

2017- Fastest type with mouth stick – 18.65 seconds

2018- Fastest type with mouth stick – 17.69 seconds

2019- Fastest type with one finger– 29.53 seconds

2019- Fastest type with mouth stick – 17.01 seconds

2021- Most touching tennis ball in hand one minute –  205

Vinod made the typing record with nose in just 45 seconds in Delhi for India Book of Records. His latest record title was most touching the tennis ball in hand one minute is 205, and was created on 15th January 2021. The previous record challenge was 180 which was attempted by JNU Campus in New Delhi. Vinod broke his own record and applied for a Guinness World Record.

He wants to break 19 world records, a record held by the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. He says records are always made to be broken. But, he wants to set a record that no one can break. He work hard to make kind of unbreakable record.

Vinod Chaudhary

He is working as a Computer Operator (contractual basis) in SES, JNU, New Delhi. For his exceptional talents, he is now an Honorary Doctorate Degree holder form World Record University, U.K.     

Vinod participated in sports and athletics from his childhood. He wanted to become an athlete like Milkha Singh. He used to participate in school level competitions and won 1st place in 100mtr and 200mtr track. He has kept his passion of running alive till now.

Vinod wanted to join the Indian armed forces and to serve the country. He could not achieved this goal due to his short height. He pursued to win Master Athletic Championship in 2018. During practice he finished 100mtr run in 11.5 seconds but had to stop championship preparations due to his ill-health.

Vinod has three daughters and a son. This responsibility has stopped him to pursue his goal in sports. He has learnt to live in difficult circumstances and has learnt to never give up.

He is a post graduate in sociology.  He does a lot of social work apart from creating world record. He teaches physical training, typing and computer skills to many students. Many of his students got selected in the good job.

Vinod wants to create many records in various fields for the country and to make India proud.

Article and Photo Credit: Vinod Kumar Chaudhary

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