HyCube Works focuses on consumer experience/service as well as the ALPI series of the 3D printer to deliver the highest quality, reliability, and repeatable accuracy. -Reethan Doijode


Reethan Doijode
Co-Founder and Director at HyCube Works
Karnataka, India

Q1. Please share HyCube Works Entrepreneurship journey with us?

Founded by 2 young Collage friends Reethan Doijode and Shreyas SP,  building a larger and the most innovative company in the silicon city of India. Additive Manufacturing is becoming the industrial revolution. an Indian start-up raising in the same additive manufacturing field is HyCube Works an Incubated venture in IIM Bangalore NSRCEL,

HyCube Works is a rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing company that aims to deliver tested and refined products for the world to utilizes started in 2018 now serving Indian reputed manufacturing and R & D Sectors.

Q2. What is HyCube Works Value addition?

HyCube Works has helped hundreds of manufacturing firm to reduce product-development time, cost, and time-to-market, as well as reduce or eliminate tooling costs and improve product quality. The HyCube Works 3Dprinting ecosystem of solutions and expertise includes 3D printers, materials, expert services, and on-demand parts production

Q3. What kind of problems are you solving through your venture and Where do you want to see your venture after 10 years?

HyCube Works empowers companies to manufacture and bringing together with direct digital manufacturing solution and technology this deep tech hardware innovation venture, HyCube Works introduced multiple material 3D printing. This enables unlimited design innovation by reducing the need for multiple additive manufacturing systems. The company is built with a mindset on Redefining Design Manufacturing Innovations”, ensuring repeatability and dependability throughout serial manufacturing. Headquartered in Bangalore

HyCube Works is currently delivering low-volume manufacturing capabilities to automotive, aerospace, medical device manufactures and Indian defense sectors leveraging on its digital manufacturing back-end. HyCube Works Has many upcoming products in the pipeline for Bia-medical and Metal Manufacturing across industry verticals, researching and developing disruptive applications with more reliable and productive for rapid Prototyping and direct digital manufacturing industry than ever before.

Source: Hycube Works

Q4. How do you face competition in this fast and changing Startup world?

In a fast-growing additive manufacturing market, with a lot of companies already offering low cost but extremely powerful 3D printers, We at HyCube Works plans to stand out by offering industrial quality at a consumer price. big, medium and small corporations are buying 3D printers for internal R & D work globally. The market is growing fast. HyCube Works focuses on consumer experience/service as well as the ALPI series of the 3D printer to deliver the highest quality, reliability, and repeatable accuracy. We offer on spot customer services and also provide superior print quality through our customized assembly,

Q5. What kind of problems have you faced in your Startup and how did you remove it?

Additive manufacturing is widely used but not yet heavily used for industrial needs. There is a lot of research and development work aimed at trying to perfect and understand the various additive manufacturing techniques, expand the type of materials and parts that are utilized, and explore the manufacture of a complex, integrated system. However, there are still many questions that need to be addressed before additive manufacturing can be utilized in a production mode for critical aerospace and biomedical applications.

Reethan Doijode

Q6. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

A true entrepreneur has a vision for the future and goals to achieve. In every journey path matters and many times, the path becomes difficult with non-calculated hurdles but it should not stop you to reach your goal and

I Focus on wider vision, not on just immediate problems. Here is the message to all budding entrepreneurs to always remember how you started?  And Why did you start?

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