Widhya helps students with the experience of a real-time industrial task or open-source project . – Rishabh Singh


Rishabh Singh
Co-Founder at Widhya
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Rishabh Singh started Widhya along with his college room-mate when they were students. Both of them when applying to internships realized that many students were not getting any internships because they belonged to a different background, lacked skills or had low GPA. They then found the need for students to undertake industrial training of choice, irrespective of the area of the background or specialization and internships are the only way to do that.

On the other hand, recruiters find it tough to hire the right talent because of the many applications they receive. Rishabh realized this after talking to his supervisors during his internships in 3 different countries. They intend to break this pattern and help companies make smarter and faster recruitments.

Widhya Co-Founders

And this is why they started Widhya, to solve problems faced by both students and recruiters. Their “Learning by Doing” approach on the lines of the Progressive Learning Theory which has time and again proved to be the most effective way of learning for students, and their performance evaluation criteria defined by unique KPIs, which recommends top candidates to companies helps them to stay become one of the best and most efficient e-learning and hiring platforms in India.

Widhya helps students with the experience of a real-time industrial task or open-source project so that they can receive a fair knowledge as to what the ground reality of a corporate circle even before they choose to join a job or an internship. Every project or task that they get from a company is broken down into multiple smaller-scale tasks to help students focus on progressive learning by giving them a gamified learning experience. Users can also track their learning curve with Widhya’s Dashboard Analytics which assesses and analyses users’ performance through simple numbers and plots to give them a clear and honest picture about their learning curve. 99 percent of the users on the platform love the learning by doing approach.

Companies can give a task/project to be converted into a Mission or choose to sponsor existing Missions on the platform that align with their hiring requirements. Missions help recruiters focus on high hiring standards while taking into consideration multiple factors like problem-solving ability, time taken to solve the problem, code quality, and solution accuracy. Widhya provides a hassle-free method to view all and any solutions under one roof. On the other hand, sponsoring a mission saves a considerable amount of time for companies and can be adopted if companies are looking to hire on an urgent basis. Hence, choosing Widhya is a win-win situation for both students and companies.

The “Learning by doing” approach adopted by Widhya ensures that each candidate who wishes to acquire new skills, be it out of curiosity or requirement, fulfills not only their goal but also inculcates more valuable lessons than merely academic skills that help them grow as a versatile corporate employee.
Based on their overall performance, evaluated by unique KPIs, Widhya recommends top candidates to companies willing to associate with this methodology.
When a candidate is able to complete the missions, it gives the idea that they have an overall idea regarding their field and are ready to work, without spending any extra time on learning the basics all over again in training and this is why companies always love their recommendations.

It also matters how the companies treat their employees and Widhya tries to incorporate the work culture through the missions. Since the candidate will be working on a project given or sponsored by the recruiter, it helps understand whether or not and to what extent a candidate can cope up with the company’s work culture.

Their vision is to make every student in the nation industry ready by equipping them with relevant skills through learning by doing in a gamified manner.

Website: www.widhya.org