The Yarn Bazaar’s goal is to bring a superior customer experience starting with Yarn Industry and then to scale it across other similar industries. – Vishal Darak


Vishal Darak
Co-Founder at The Yarn Bazaar
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Q1. Please share your journey as an Entrepreneur?

Since childhood, I have been brought up in a business-minded family. My parents involved business in my upbringing in different aspects from young; from watching the textile market to following them around their offices in awe and observation aspects.

So I was always eager and passionate to step into my work life even during my education phase. I always came up with an exciting and new business idea. And after completing my Management education from Spain, I finally stepped into my work shoes with a lot of passion and dreams and decided to a startup in scooter-sharing space. But soon, l realised I didn’t have any reason to do a startup in the first place. May be startup was external validation for me, that l am doing something meaningful with my received education and invested time/money in me. Right then, I decided to embark onto a journey of self-discovery rather than running just behind the monetary value. In this never-ending journey, I tried various experiences such as jobs, freelancing, franchises, startups and many more things. One important thing l realised is that there is no point in committing myself to any work without my “WHY” or simply a strong reason to dedicate a part of my life to it. Which I was able to see in my current venture “The Yarn Bazaar” where we are trying to change an age-old industry (Textile) by adding transparency/trust, excellent service, standardisation and convenience to it.

Q2. What did attract you towards entrepreneurship instead of any job?

When I tried my hands on a job, it was a really amazing experience. The best part about the job is that you get to focus on your area and make some amazing friends while doing that. But I always felt something was missing. I believe every human being is wired to chase meaningful relationships and meaningful work. For me, meaningful work meant somewhere I can make a difference and also be appreciated for the same. Which was the sole reason I left my job and chose the entrepreneurship path as a means to achieve it.

Q3. What kind of service do you provide from your venture “The Yarn Bazaar” and how it is beneficial for user/customer?

Let me answer this question by first pointing out the problem through a hypothetical situation. Imagine in an alternate universe, and you are going to Mcdonalds to buy Aloo Tikki Burger. The experience is completely different from the one you are used to on our earth in the following way,

a) Every time you walk over, the order person will quote you different prices based on his mood. (No Price Standardisation)

b) Every McD defines Aloo Tikki differently; some branches don’t even add potato to it. (No Quality Standardisation)

c) They have a strict policy of not addressing any problem or refund even if they are at fault. (Lack of Support)

d) Before entering any Mcd, you cannot check its review because google doesn’t exist in that world. (Lack of Transparency)

e) Even after paying, they claim that you haven’t paid and you have nowhere to go to. (Lack of Trust)

e) And finally they sell you those burgers like they are doing some favour on you. For instance, they will make you stand at the counter for 20 mins, fulfil your order after 2 hrs if you are lucky, delivering a meat burger to a vegetarian, etc. (Service and Convenience)

How would this make you feel? Would you have trust in McD as you do currently? Would you even think about going to McD?

This is the situation of the Textile Industry since it’s inception in India. People, Machines and the whole world has changed. But we are operating the same way as we used to during Independence. The Yarn Bazaar’s goal is to bring a superior customer experience starting with Yarn Industry and then to scale it across other similar industries. Our vision is to be a “One-Stop Yarn Solution” for any of our stakeholder needs.

Q4. How do you handle stress in this fast and competitive life?

Honestly, I am still learning how to tackle such situations. Currently, I like to watch series related to people or teams who have made big achievements in their life. One of the thing which I have realised is we want to make ourselves feel good by aiming for big results, but we ignore the hard work and hurdles that come with it. And the other thing is that whatever you are doing today wouldn’t matter in the infinite timeline of the universe. My advice is don’t give yourself so much importance because at the end of the day we have one life. In my opinion, there is only one purpose of life which is live life to your fullest. So stop complaining about yourself and start doing what you like and changing things which you don’t like.

Q5. Where do you want to see yourself and your venture after 10 years?

For The Yarn Bazaar, if a person from one part of the world can buy yarn from a stranger in the other part of the world without thinking twice in the first few seconds, then we would have achieved our vision and built a strong foundation for this industry to flourish upon. Later on, Young entrepreneurs can come in and create some amazing services for the people of this industry. 

And about myself, I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing, but I am sure the below things would be a part of it,

1) Exploring Myself
2) Enjoying & Balancing my life
3) Learning and educating myself from others experience
4) Helping wherever I can

Q6. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I have realised to solve any problem in life you have to go through the following five phases, Acknowledging, Identifying, Planning, Executing and Modifying. And I think a lot which makes me good till planning phase but ultimately when it comes to execution; it becomes a disadvantage as I always end up finding flaws more than showing trust in my own plan. At this point, I am just trying to build confidence in myself which will come with experience and learnings.

Q7. How do you see the new online startup culture? Is it more beneficial from an old traditional business?

It depends; I feel that traditional businesses have so much more to offer. The kind of experience, skills and relationships these people in traditional businesses have build, if used in the right direction they may compete with the biggest startups in the world entering their arena. Startups exist because of the inefficiencies of these businesses and resistance to change. Startups should not try to start right from scratch; sometimes, people can take inspiration from the traditional way of working and modify it as per their vision because one thing for sure is that their processes have tested out to be sustainable over a long period of time.

Q8. Please share some key tips to aspiring Entrepreneurs to get success?

1) Always know your WHY
2) Learn to face and enjoy your failures more than success.
3) Balance your life
4) Be honest to yourself and your loved ones – Never lose your sense of identity

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  1. It’s really amazing to see such young lads coming out with such amazing ideas and business plans. We as a client of YARN BAZZAR are truly satisfied with the service, payment terms and the transparency they offer. It’s indeed a big challenge to turn upside down this conventional yarn business and to change the orthodox mentality but yes they have succeeded to take some initial steps. My best regards to Vishal and Pratik

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